We believe the best way to suss out a reputable breeder is to speak to the people who own one of the dogs we have bred!! Below is an abundance of comments from customers who have joined the Boglebrig clan - we hope this speaks for itself! Many of the clients have also provided pictures of their dogs which you can see on our gallery page! If you would like to speak to any of our clients directly about their experience at Boglebrig please get in touch and we will ask them to give you a call.


We had a really bad experience purchasing a cockapoo just a few months prior to approaching Chirstie and we were a bit apprehensive about buying another. We were looking for a recognised breeder and we were pointed in the direction of Boglebrigs. We looked up the online site and it was very professionally done, informative and on the back of this I decided to make the phone call. From our first conversation I felt very reassured. Chirstie could not have been kinder or more understanding of our circumstances. We exchanged many emails back and forward and as soon as the pups were ready we received an invitation to come and visit the pups at her farmhouse. Both mother and father were present as well which was nice. We had a chat with Chirstie who was extremely pleasant and we were in no doubt that we wanted to purchase a dog from her. The most difficult thing to do was to make a choice as to what one to go for, they were all adorable. We finally plumped for Alfie and went back to pick him up on our second visit. We received all the information you would expect and more. All documents relating to Alfie and health checks for both parents were present. The whole process was seamless and I can’t thank Chirstie enough. Alfie has now settled in so well to his new home. Our kids adore him and he has many admirers. Anyone looking to purchase a new puppy, this is a place I could recommend with the utmost confidence. 10/10

Mark Ward


Anna - Boglebrig A New Beginning

We weren't looking for a dog, but it was the luckiest day when we got a phone call from a family member saying "would you be interested in giving a little dog a home". It became a family debate for a few days, working out if we could manage to look after a dog, but decided as a family we could. Thats when we got Anna or Annie (she does answer to Annie banani too!) from Chirstie. She came to us at the age of 6 and is the most loving dog, can't get enough cuddles and kisses. She settled in overnight and with all the puppy/teenage training already done it was easy. As you can see she is the most gorgeous girl, I know we're biased but people literally stop us out on walks to comment on her!

We know Chirstie loves and wants the best for all her dogs, she's really keen to keep up with how Annie is doing. We'd definitely recommend Chirstie, and also giving an older dog a forever home

The Ross Family



Rating ✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️

Boglebrig cockers, We got our Chocolate and tan male from Chirstie in April 2015, we went down to visit the puppies and totally fell in love with them, it was a very difficult choice as the pups were all amazing, Chirstie made us very welcome and showed us the puppies parents which was lovely as it gave us a rough idea what Bracken would look like when he is older! When we collected him he was 10 weeks old Chirstie had a box of food for us to take home along with all his paperwork, she is very organised and professional. Chirstie's knowledge of her dogs and their blood lines is second to none. We had a 4hr journey home with him and he slept all the way he settled in no problem and he is Mum's baby so loving and always out to please the welcome you get when you come back in is so loving..

Would recommend Boglebrig Cockers for sure! Thanks Chirstie for our handsome boy!

Morag Whyte



I've been a dog owner all my life and have had all kinds of different breeds over the years. In 2001, my husband bought me Brig, my first Cocker Spaniel. He was a beautiful black and tan and the most loyal, loving dog I'd ever had. Sadly, Brig passed away in April 2014. Six months after Brig's passing, I was browsing Champdogs website and came across Chirstie's latest litter of black and tan Cockers. I went to view the litter and met Dodger. 2 weeks later, I had a new puppy. Dodger is 8 months old now and is a fantastic addition to the family. He gets on great with our other dogs (2 terriers) and is fantastic with children. He is very loving and intelligent. He walks to heel off the lead and can perform a variety of very cute tricks. He was far and away the best puppy in his puppy training class and everybody admires his beautiful markings and temperament. Cocker Spaniels are the only breed I've ever gone back to and I hope one day, Dodger will father a litter and I can have a puppy from his line.

I cannot recommend Chirstie's puppies highly enough. For a beautiful, friendly and intelligent family dog, look no further.

Karrie Mcgill, Very proud owner of Boglebrig Visl (Dodger)



We were looking for a cocker spaniel for my sons 21st birthday, we had an orange roan previously and loved their nature so no doubt as to the breed of dog we would get him as a surprise for his birthday! After looking online at the proper sites we found Boglebrig in Dumfries, made a phone call and luckily for us Chirstie still had pups available! We made an appointment to go and view the pups a few days later and were very impressed by the set up at Boglebrig farm. We saw all the pups available with their gorgeous mum and after much deliberation we decided on our Ollie (we could've taken them all). Chirstie was very professional and showed us all the necessary paperwork, vet bills for vaccinations etc, while she in turn asked us all the questions necessary to make sure her much loved pup was going to the correct forever home! We collected him a couple of weeks later and brought him home to a very emotional 21 year old! What a day that was.

We have had Ollie just over 2 years now and we all just love him so much and cant imagine being without him. We get stopped by strangers constantly saying how gorgeous he is, he's a wee star!

Christine Jack



After having cockers for years and the passing of my auld girls at 12 and 13, I said no never again, I found myself looking online at them. After 2 years of searching and never going any further I found an advert for Cocker Spaniel breeder Boglebrig cockers run by Mrs C Baird and I emailed them. A quick reply about the litter of pups and a few questions about me. Anything I asked was answered and they sent me a few photos of the litter as I dont live close to the kennels. I got such a good feeling about the breeder that she cared about her dogs and who they went to (unlike some others where its all about the cash), this was never the case with the people at Boglebrig. We arranged a day to visit the kennels and see the pups all stunning in the photos. The day finally arrived and my cousins and I drove down to Thornhill to meet the owner and breeder, Mrs C Baird. After a chat in the farmhouse we walked to the kennels and met the wee cocker pups and the mum and dad of the beautiful black and tan boys. Then I saw my wee sidekick, he wasnt the biggest or the best turned out wee hairy dude but he had me at the first time of meeting and I knew why it took me so long to get another dog, I was meant to find this little guy now known as Bodie. Chirstie, the breeder, never sent me photos of this pup but I knew that we were made to be partners in crime and I only had eyes for him, we clicked straight off.

I needed to wait a week for the pups to get their first inoculations and be checked with the Boglebrig Vet, the longest week of my life, praying the wee fella got the all clear from the vet but knowing in my heart that whatever the outcome good or bad he's coming home with me! Clean bill of health though and a Friday night drive south to get the wee fella and a partnership was formed. I sat and Chirstie talked me through feeding routine and also gave me enough food to feed him on for a few days. She also told me all about caring for the pup and if I had any problems at all don't hesitate to call. One of the many things I was impressed with was that Chirstie told me if in future my circumstances changed and I couldn't look after Bodie or it wasn't working then she would find him a new home and not to advertise him for sale. I would never have done this but I thought that's someone who cares about what's best for her dogs and thats refreshing in this world.

If I had to rate my experience it would have to be 10 out of 10 and a total pleasure to deal with and is always there to help with advice. I now regard Chirstie as a friend and would not hesitate to recommend Boglebrig Cocker Spaniels to folk I know that I feel are good enough to have one of her dogs as new additions to their family.

One very happy Brian Rennick and Bodie

Bodie Litter Bodie


We lost our beloved golden cocker in August 2013. We knew we couldn't live in a house without a dog but it was a difficult decision to make and when was the 'right time'. That's when we met Chirstie who at the time had a gorgeous litter of pups, including our fabulous little girl, Sasha. As a breeder Chirstie understood our situation and helped us along the way, sending photos of Sasha as she grew and allowing us to visit with a collection date that suited us.

Sasha has such a great temperament and has fitted in so well at home, loving long walks with grandad and play dates with our granddaughter. We could not have asked for more from our mischievous but loveable Sasha and are so pleased we this little girl as part of our family.

Jillian Edwardson



Just wanted to let you know how brilliantly Anni is getting on. She's settled in nicely and her training is coming on really well. People keep commenting on how beautiful and well natured she is. We've had people walk past us in the street and then come back to give her some attention - she just sits there waiting for them to stroke her! Our puppy trainer has mentioned that she has good genes and is generally pretty laid back, even around other dogs. We received all the KC info thanks.

Thanks again, we're just delighted with her!

Neil and Laura



Sorry I've not been in touch sooner, we've been having too much fun with our new puppy. We have decided to name him Charlie and he's already responding to it very well which is great. He had a vet check on Tuesday and we got the all clear which is fantastic too.

We have been taking him to the local park daily where he has been making new dog friends and in typical puppy fashion always seems to gather a crowd. He had his first trip to the beach yesterday and took to it really well, running along the dunes and splashing in puddles, but I think it may be next time before he ventures into the sea.

Just want to say thanks again for getting in contact with us, we are loving our newest member of the family.

Lesley and Tim