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Cockapoo Puppies

Cockapoo puppy waiting list is now closed. Any enquiries at this time will not be replied to.

All of our Cockapoo puppies come with Kennel Club Activity Register Paperwork. This means that on the documentation the puppies date of birth is displayed, its description, both parents Kennel Club registration details are present and their relevant health tests - it also means that our puppies come with 5 weeks insurance in place the moment that you pick them up.

Our Cockapoo puppies are also endorsed with a not to be bred from restriction - they are for family pets only please. Most importantly it creates an official trace with an official independent body - giving you the confidence you are approaching a professional breeder who cares about what they do.

Cocker Spaniel Puppies

Due to the COVID 19 situation our puppy waiting lists are closed - any enquiries will not be replied to.