Boglebrig Cocker Spaniels and Cockapoos

We are one of Scotland's top breeders of cocker spaniel and Cockapoo puppies and are based near the village of Thornhill in Dumfries and Galloway.

Many of our dogs live the length and breadth of Britain and include Ayrshire and Arran, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Fife and Kinross, Dundee, Aberdeen and as far as London.

If you would like to join the Boglebrig family please have a look at our puppies page or older dogs page for availability or contact us for further information.

About Us

I have bred cocker spaniels since 1999. I purchased two gold girls from a family at Mauchline - my mum actually gave me the money to buy a Rhodesian Ridgeback as she was moving away and wanted me to buy a guard dog - and that was what she expected to come out of the car when I returned - however out came two little gold cocker spaniels instead!!!! I dont really know what attracts me to cockers - I've just always loved them - ever since I was a child - I can never envisage not having a cocker spaniel in my life.

My first two cockers were bred by a dog called Weirdene Winagain - owned by a breeder called Richmond Weir - what I didn't realise at this point was that Richmond was in fact a top breeder and his kennel was known world wide. Despite the age gap Richmond and I became friends (not only did he love cockers but he was a farmer also and I was a farmers daughter) he was one of the nicest down to earth approachable breeders I have ever met.

I have tried showing ..... A few times ...... And it's just not for me ..... I just can't get into it ...... I wish I could ....... But I can't - I don't enjoy it. Pedigree dog showing is fundamental to the dog world - it sets the standard of breed type and temperament and those who show are always trying to improve their dogs to achieve that champion status people who show do so with a passion and with dedication and they enjoy it - Without the showing world we would most certainly lose our breed type and standard - very quickly - and those who show work tirelessly to preserve their breed and deserve the upmost respect for that. But I also believe that good breeders are also a fundamental part of the dog world and not all good breeders enjoy showing. Because I don't show anymore doesn't mean that I don't care about the breed - I take my blood lines very seriously in my cockers - but I think it takes all types to make up any industry and as long as you are being responsible and breed professionally and by the law, you take into consideration breed type and temperament you don't breed to excess and most of all breed healthy and happy puppies I think those are the main qualities of a reputable breeder.

I was introduced to cockapoos many years ago by family who breed Australian Labradoodles. It took me a long time to take the plunge and breed a litter - and I did my research before I even considered a mating - sussing out poodle breeders and assessing Cockapoo demand. One major issue I found with the cockapoo is the lack of professional reputable breeders out there - especially in Scotland and the client out there looking has a real minefield to search to find a decent breeder. So after about two years thinking about it I decided to take the plunge - I wasn't enjoying showing anyway so I wasn't really that bothered if it affected my showing prospects - (there is huge controversy in the showing world over the cockapoo as it is cross breeding) I have to say - so far all I have experienced is positives from my Cockapoo puppies - they are extremely friendly and intelligent little puppies and they are super cute and affectionate. At this moment in time Ive not come across any health issues and Infact find they thrive (hybrid vigour).

The cockapoos I breed at the moment are mediums I own my own minature poodle stud dog and you can meet him at the puppy viewings he is an extremely kind and loving little dog and is extremely intelligent. The last time I checked the cockapoo is Infact the number one cross breed registered on the kennel club activity register - so I think it's safe to say that the little Cockapoo is here to stay and takes pride of place as being a renowned super family pet. All of our cockapoo puppies come with Kennel Club Activity Register Paperwork. This means that on the documentation the puppies date of birth is displayed, its description, both parents Kennel Club registration details are present and their relevant health tests - it also means that our puppies come with 5 weeks insurance in place the moment that you pick them up. There are several elements of the cockapoo that are appealing generally they have the merry nature of the cocker but have the intelligence and confidence of the poodle - giving a well balanced temperament . They aren't as cobby and stocky as the cocker but aren't as fine and as delicate as the poodle. The combination together seems to give a nice coat(fleece) which is full and wavy / curly but sheds a lot less than a cocker spaniels coat does - cockapoos are not hypo allergenic like the poodle - but do shed a lot less - helping mild allergy sufferers or those who want to avoid dog hair in the home. Cockapoos still need to be groomed and I recommend everybody uses a dog groomer every 3 months.